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Lo que te quieres

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Está Mesmo a pedir...


Order and Go

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Nobody gets it
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Uber Moving Europe together

Leaders in Europe are getting a distorted view of Uber because of the stories that are being brought back from the past. Uber has a new CEO and is a different company now, then from its founding days.

Acknowledging the past, and moving together towards a better, brighter future.

To influence the opinion in Brussels, we ran a campaign to counter the beliefs that key EU leaders have about Uber. Addressing the dogmas to diffuse and inform about the changes Uber has made. Be factual and ‘educate’ about the positive influence of the Uber platform, brand and business across European nations. Highlight facts, impact and positive change Uber has made over the past years.

Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward
Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward
Uber - Never Stop Moving Forward
Uber Eats Get groceries, effortlessly

Brits think of Uber Eats as a delivery service for takeaways. But the brand has evolved to much more than that. In fact, Uber Eats can deliver pretty much anything, effortlessly. Starting now with groceries and probably even more in the future. To highlight groceries, We decided to tell people just that. Get groceries, effortlessly on Uber Eats.

Hero the well known Uber Eats logo and let it represent all the grocery items one now can get through the Uber Eats app.
The campaign included two stress-releasing films encourage to live more effortlessly. Featuring moments of relaxation, celebrating the satisfaction (and humour) that comes with seamless, and effortless grocery delivery.

Concept Mother London, directed by Steve Rogers

The campaign films were awarded 'Ad of the Day' by the editorial team of the Drum. And listed for multiple categories in the Campaign's Best of UK Advertising 2023.
Including Best Film and Best Campaign.

Uber Eats Delivery UK
Uber Eats Delivery UK Uber Eats Delivery UK Uber Eats Delivery UK
Uber Bringing Taxis onto the Uber platform

One global brand framework to bring taxi services onto the Uber platform. Building global brand awareness and familiarity. Standardizing consumer expectations of the taxi service with the Uber magic on top, anywhere in the world.

Uber Pass identity

“...we want get every single taxi in the world onto our platform by 2025...”
— Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber

Uber Taxi can be ordered through the Uber mobility app. The Uber app informs you upfront about the trip price, time of arrival and driver. You will be picked up where you are, so no need to look for transport. The Uber app provides safety features, driver background and route information on top.

Uber Taxis are additional supply to meet demand, with a fast pickup. The service also helps opening up new markets for Uber. It’s the local taxi with Uber magic on top.

Uber Pass identity

Uber Taxi

To bring Taxis onto the Uber platform the inhouse creative team developed a visual brand language and image library that can be used for markting initiatives globally. The brand language is build on three chevron shapes than can be applied on vehicles and used as a graphical element in app, crm emails and local marketing campaigns. The toolkit facilitated the launch of Uber Taxi in over 30 countries world wide in less than two years.

Uber Taxi
Uber Taxi Uber Taxi Uber Taxi Uber Taxi

Uber Eats Lo que tú quieras

With Uber Eats, you can have everything delivered on a daily basis… your favorite tortilla (sin cebollas), croquettes, groceries, and much more. The convenience Uber Eats brings, brings out the best of the Spanish sentiment to life in the moment, while getting what you want - when you want.

Concept Lola Mullenlowe Madrid, directed by Martin Holzman

The launch campaign de-dramatizes everyday situations, where ordering through Uber Eats gets you what you want - lo que tú quieras - with a tap of a button. So you can spend your time and energy on enjoying the moment.

Uber Eats - Spain campaign

Uber Eats Está mesmo a pedir...

The Portuguese have a word for leaving things to the last minute, when you end up having to improvise. It’s called Desenrascar. Essentially a very optimistic way to turn around a not-so-great situation.

Desenrascar; it means to MacGyver something up in the last-minute for a situation that you’ve got yourself into.

With this campaign Uber Eats is the brand that supports the art of ‘desenrasque’. Providing a service that makes everyone a master in the art of hiding a misstep. Letting you know that the solve in these moments is best expressed with a simple ‘this really call for Uber Eats’.

Concept Lola-Normajean Lisbon, directed by Marco Martins

Uber Eats Portugal
Uber Order and Go

Waiting in the elevator, catching a ride with friends, hanging out on a sunday afternoon. Often these moments are filled with small talk, so it is not “lost time”. These small talk conversations take a turn for the worse, getting you stuck in a situation.

To prove that Uber is the most reliable mobility service in Egypt, we positioned it as the fast exit in nasty situations. Order Uber and go.

Concept by FP27 Cairo, directed by Ali Two Times

Uber Reliability campaign Egypt

Uber Eats Nobody gets it like we do

South Africa is unique, with 11 languages, various cultures and ways of life, it is unlike anywhere else in the world. And that includes also for the approach to food. With the 'Nobody gets it like we do' campaign, we wanted to show how Uber Eats is part of South African culture and how it is the better way for ordering takeaway food.

Gogo in Zulu means grandmother, who is often the family matriarch. Gogo got this, she knows what's best...

Concept Joe Public, directed by Mfundo Mkhize.

Gogo is a pro at ordering Uber Eats, but not everyone is so clued up. Through various scenarios we show how people are stuck in a meal predicament where they need help. Thats when Gogo appears to save the day.

Uber Eats - Spain campaign
Uber The Go & Get membership

The shift from ownership to access has given rise to membership brands. Uber Pass offers mobility and delivery solutions on a monthly subscription basis. For the global launch of Uber Pass a visual brand system and positioning needed to be developed.

The visual identity and tone of voice embody the concept of one membership to go anywhere and get anything.

For the Pass identity a global positioning and marketing framework was developed, together with a visual brand language to unify all touch points. The identity had to marry the brand with the offering. It had to be variable yet systematic and bulletproof. It had to be visually striking, adapt to any format and hold up to interpretation by external agencies and vendors around the globe.

Uber Pass identity

The solution: Go and Get with arrows as a visual metaphor and identity system in one. It implies both the mobility and delivery offering and the infinite choices one has.

2020 was the breakout year for the Uber Pass identity, launching to millions of members across the globe.

Uber is all about making real life easier to navigate. Uber Pass is all about making go and get even more simpler by offering the best Uber experience. The marketing campaigns highlight daily scenarios, where Uber Pass makes a difference.

Uber Pass Uber Pass Uber Pass Uber Pass Uber Pass
Uber Pass identity

The create awareness of the membership local marketing campaigns were launched, supported with CRM, in app communications, performance media and educational content for social media and more. All these elements were produced by a host of different agencies around the globe and guided by the Uber in house creative team.

Uber Pass identity
Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories
Uber Elevating driver partners

Uber drivers come from all walks of life, each story is unique and inspiring. Elevating the human story and motivation why people partner with Uber was the focus for three EMEA drivers Stories.

To find the most inspiring stories, we had to find the most valuable aspect first – the story tellers.

Telling a true story that is valuable and relevant for potential Uber drivers. Creating connections at scale through various medias with content drivers about for Russia, Middle east and South Africa. Interviewing drivers on why they partner with Uber. To bring the stories to life we teamed up with leading directors from around the globe.

Uber driver Abdulla Sultan in Riyadh by director Maceo Frost.

...I love taking people around Riyadh, I really feel like I’m helping people.
— Abdulla Sultan, Uber driver, Riyadh
Cape Town is my office now. There’s nothing I love better than being out on the streets, meeting people from all walks of life...
— Mehboob Adam, Uber driver, Cape Town

Family man Mehboob Adam in Cape town, captured by director Brett de Vos.

Fleet owner Maxim Zaripov in Moscow by director Julian King

Amplifying the films with owned, earned and bought media to be the #1 result to queries such as “driver stories” or “driver reviews” in the EMEA region.

Encouraging prospect drivers to convert in the sub-regions with content that is relatable and transmits a positive sentiment.

Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories Uber Driver stories

Uber Introducing Uber Bounce to Russia

Uber Bounce — easily ordering an Uber for anyone — was introduced to the Russian market over the holidays. End of year holiday preparation stress was the perfect context to launch this app feature. Providing an easy solution to get family and loved ones where they need to be without all the fuss transportation can give.

The focus audience were existing users who could introduce Uber through the Bounce feature to their peers.

The campaign ran in two phases, featuring a hero protagonist couple who would send Uber Bounce rides to family and loved ones. For each phase different content was created. Phase one focusing on the period around the festive days and phase two on the lazy holidays that follow.

The campaign was brought to life with the support of BBDO Moscow and Director Egor Abramenko. For the video’s it was key to get viewers to identify with our hero characters — through local styling and visual clues that are connected with the New Year and the characters’ demeanor. Uber users would recognize themselves in the hero characters, while providing a smile at the ironic demonstration of people’s laziness.

The challenge was to create an entertaining tension between the exhausted heroes and their demanding context.

The second phase kicked off in February highlighting lazy weekends. Where phase one was composed out of carefully crafted composition, magnificent light scheme and colors. The second phase used a more direct approach and was positioned as an enforcer to strengthen muscle memory of the Bounce feature.

Uber - Introducing Bouce to Russia

Tommy Hilfiger Revolutionize the sales experience

The digital showroom revolutionizes the sales experience for retailers by offering them a more engaging and seamless buying approach. The interactive system blends collection information, sales tools and brand content in one seamless touchscreen interface.

Our new digital showroom concept completely establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for business to business sales.
— Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

The centerpiece of the digital showroom is a touchscreen table which connects to a wall-to-wall ultra-high-definition 4K screen. Customers can digitally view every item of the collections and create custom orders. The interface allows for in-depth discussions on styling, merchandising and deliveries that are tailored to each client.

Tommy Hilfiger launched the digital showroom on January 2015. The company has established a global roll-out plan to expand the concept into markets worldwide.

Complementing traditional sales tools with brand content, the digital showroom immerses customers in a total brand experience. Showcasing a full seasonal brand story while reducing the environmental impact with scaled down sample creation, roll back on supply chain, manufacturing, product shipping and packaging.

Tommy Hilfiger Digital Showroom

Tommy Hilfiger Creating a new buzz with #TOMMYxNADAL

A pop-up tennis event with a twist was staged in the center of New York to create a digital buzz around the introduction of the new brand ambassador Rafael Nadal. The 14-time Grand Slam winner faced off in several rounds of tennis with top models all dressed in custom Tommy Hilfiger looks. Each time a team scored a point their opponents stripped down, unveiling the new Tommy Hilfiger men’s and women’s underwear collection.

…we’ve always brought a unique twist to our advertising. Today’s event continues our tradition…
- Tommy Hilfiger

The digital element of the campaign was revealed just after midnight on August 25 through the brand’s (social media) channels. Including a live Periscope feed from the event and an exclusive collaboration with Funny or Die, bringing a new perspective to the traditional red-carpet Q&A in a series of videos that were launched in the days after the event. All digital communicates pushed to the dedicated event landing page on Tommy.com


The campaign launch made #TommyXNadal a trending topic on social media. With +382M impressions and 32K mentions globally on Twitter, +71M global impressions on Instagram and +40M global Facebook impressions.


Tommy Hilfiger Blurring the lines between ecommerce and lifestyle.

Tommy.com recieves over 40 million visitors a year. Making the website the most visited flagship store of the TH brand. In order to increase reach a strategy was developed to broaden the variety of content and merchandise with the end goal being a personalised digital journey for each individual visitor.

Calvin Klein overview A new generation of customers doesn’t separate shopping and browsing; purchases are made as they read, watch, browse & share — Forbes.
Strategy insight

The product page is the new homepage, as an increasing number of consumers land straight on the product page through google or other means. One of the goals was to elevate product pages to the fullest expression of the brand while not loosing track of the shopping objective. Content formats were developed. From aspirational brand vision & lifestyle to functional content like quick tips and styling advice. Through this set up bi-monthly site refreshes in 10 languages can be realised with a relative small team of designers and copywriters, delivering new and relevant content that is aligned with the brand’s DNA.

Tommy Hilfiger strategy content examples Tommy Hilfiger strategy content examples Tommy Hilfiger strategy content examples Tommy Hilfiger strategy content examples Tommy Hilfiger strategy content examples

Newsletters are key in any content strategy. Communicating the right message between brand and commerce that is relevant instead of intrusive.

The strategy placed TommyHilfiger.com in the top 10 of L2 Digital IQ Index: fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger emailer content overview

According to L2 inc. who publishes each year a top 10 of the best performing fashion brands online: ’...Tommy Hilfiger takes advantage of email technology to deliver a seamless and personalized experience. The brand garnered the highest email frequency in the index, 7.8 emails over a three month period vs. the index average of 1.7. Advanced email personalization links user actions on site to inbox missives, recommending similar products visitors may have missed or sending sales alerts on products that did not convert the first time.”

Tommy Hilfiger instore content example

Calvin Klein Establishing a premium brand & shopping destination

Launching the European CalvinKlein.com with a responsive design to deliver an optimised experience for both desktop and mobile. The site design is based on the premium brand look and feel. Allows for localisation by product offering and site functionality to meet consumer preferences and needs within each individual market. Social media content is integrated throughout the site to push and support the global marketing efforts.

Calvin Klein overview
The project included the complete user journey, from homepage to checkout with the strategy of integrating brand content and commerce at the heart of it.

European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com European CalvinKlein.com

Calvin Klein footer

Nike Bringing the iconic ‘just do it’ to Russia

The campaign ‘Just Do It’ was introduced to the Russian market. In western cultures this statement is well embedded with the Nike brand. In Russia the statement still had to be made. Sapient Nitro shot the above the line commercial. The digital team worked on the below the line activation to make the campaign resonate and embed 'Just Do It' with the Nike brand in the Russian market.

Nike Russia Just do it Nike Russia Just do it Nike Russia Just do it

With the digital team an online social campaign was launched directing Russian youths to the 'Just Do It' hub. Here they could connect, create sporting events and invite one another. The site was an instant success, with the social arm of the campaign swamped with eager participants.

Nike just do it Russia

Diesel Finding the right fit through an inspiring brand experience

Back in 2006 Diesel requested a re-skin of their existing HTML Denim fit guide. Next to the HTML re-skin designs another proposal was presented that combined the power of the campaign images with the dynamic possibilities of Flash. Impressed by the new concept, Diesel doubled the project budget and gave a green light for the newly proposed brand experience

Diesel Denim Guide
Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide
The spring/summer fitguide recieved the Favourite Website Awards (FWA).

As a result of the success of the Spring/Summer guide we received the brief for the follow up Fall/Winter fit guide. A copy of the book Fifty was send with the new brief. The book, published in celebration of Diesels founder Renzo Rosso’s 50th birthday, was signed by mr. Rosso himself with a thank you message for the delivered project.

Diesel Denim Guide
Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide Diesel Denim Guide
...Thank you for a great project.
– Renzo Rosso, “Jeans Genius” & Italian fashion entrepreneur

Diesel Denim Guide